R&D Strength

Top think tank to develop leading technology


To build hybrid power industry ecology with openness

Public Transport

Hundred-City Plan to support Blue Sky Action 

Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd (SH600478) adopts the strategy of “two focuses to drive one industry chain”, which is to drive the collaborative development of associated industries, such as power cell, battery material and other key component products with the two focuses of establishment of hybrid assembly system platform and public transport services, and thus to form the full-industry chain layout with hybrid power system platform, Ni-MH battery and raw material of nickel foam.

Industry Ecology

Devoted to strategic anchoring force, dedicated to R&D input, it develops 

a full-industry chain system from power storage raw materials, battery materials 

to advanced battery, automobile battery, hybrid assembly system and battery recycling.  ​

7Industry Bases


As Geely Emgrand Cross PHEV is Released, Corun CHS Industry Scale Development Speeds up11.10

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