Corun has adhered to the principle of getting along with the environment friendly and improving human living quality, been devoted to the energy saving and new energy undertakings, followed the global industry development tendency closely, integrated with international high-end industry specialization and let “Corun core” make strides to the world!

Corun always sticks to the ideas of market orientation, customer orientation and innovative development, takes root in the value of “being reliable”, keeps up with the world top benchmark enterprises, continuously makes innovation breakthrough, constantly improves lean management and intelligent manufacturing level, and creates unique values for the clients with high-quality products and thoughtful services!

Corun endeavors to establish a business platform with openness, sharing, cooperation and win-win, willing to build extensive cooperation alliance with the talents devoted to hybrid power undertakings and contribute enthusiasm and efforts to the great dream of hybrid power undertakings to go forward firmly!
Corun persons respect the nature, cherish what we have, and make the best use of things. Corun persons explore in the heart, where the world is, and power the future by us!

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