Corun Introduces Strategic Partner IBM to Increase Core Competitiveness


Recently, the major business lines of Corun all start a “secret” plan: IBM strategy & organization performance process design. This initiative means that Corun introduces IBM strategy management consultation and indicates the official start of the general action of strategic planning upgrade, and core competitiveness increase, and enterprise performance improvement.

The strategy & organization performance process design launched this time is the first phase of the strategy planning and plan execution sorting custom-made by IBM for Corun through extensive survey. In the next 14 weeks or so, the settlement of the whole model will be in three phases: The first phase is for strategic understanding and consensus, the second is for capability and organization process framework, and the third is for performance evaluation process design. 

As a global leading strategy consultation company, IBM developed a complete strategy plan methodology with a US business college in 2003, namely business leadership model (BLM model). BLM model later became the unified strategy planning method from the company level to each business department in IBM. Since it can effectively promote the strategy implementation of business departments and the effective connection of businesses and human resources strategy, it is recognized by many enterprises. It has equivalent influence to BCG Matrix, SWOT analysis and Michael Porter’s five-force model in the field of enterprise management.

In the duration of cooperation, with the support of BLM model tutor team from IBM, Corun Company and all the personnel of the departments relevant to CHS business will clarify the general strategy plan in the first phase and reach consensus on the long-term development direction and intermediate development plan.

In the second phase, the capability development plan and specific measures in each professional field will be identified; the annual operational plan, action plan and requirements of each department will be determined and the top organizational structure required will be optimized; Corun process framework will be established with clear objectives and a series of activities and tasks with clear responsibilities to be accomplished jointly by different departments to speed up the response to the clients and the market;

In the third phase, all the staff must accomplish the performance evaluation and process design. Firstly, the performance management and strategy management system will be established to divide the strategy objective of the enterprise and value chain, the responsibilities and indexes, and specific action plan and assign them to relevant department; secondly, Corun process system and process management system will be established to help to build CHS business process, create efficient and transparent internal process and achieve the transformation from rule of man to rule by law.

After BLM model is “settled” in Corun, it will assist Corun Group and managerial level of CHS business in regular strategy making, adjustment, execution and follow-up in the aspects of market analysis, strategy intention, innovative focus, business design, key tasks, official organization, talent, atmosphere & culture and leadership.

The analyst points out that many of the industry giants introduce excellent consultation company in different development stage to reorganize the strategy, R&D, customer relation, quality management, and finance management, transform the management model into the new enterprise strategy and management methodology, implement it in practice and innovation, and further strengthen the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The Chinese companies as leaders in different industries, such as Huawei, Lenovo and Geely, used to benefit from management consultation. We believe that after the “run-in period”, the core competitiveness of long-term development of Corun will take a new leap.

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