As Geely Emgrand Cross PHEV is Released, Corun CHS Industry Scale Development Speeds up


On November 10, as the featured model of Geely, Geely Emgrand Cross PHEV was displayed at the International Future Mobility Exhibition, and the official market release announcement was made. It had been the first model mounted with CHS plug-in hybrid assembly system since Geely Group and Corun Company cooperated with each other and established CHS Company in 2014, which symbolized that CHS industrialization and scale development further sped up.

It was learnt that the hybrid power system of Emgrand Cross PHEV is the largest highlight of the new model. CHS combined-engine plug-in hybrid system was developed jointly by Geely and Corun, and composed of one engine, permanent magnet synchronous double-motor, a set of Livina-type double-row planetary gear set, and ternary polymer lithium battery. The endurance of the model in electric mode is 61km and the highest speed is 175m/h. Though the fuel tank volume is 35L, the combined endurance is as high as 705km with the support of hybrid system. The combined fuel consumption under operating condition for one hundred kilometers is as low as 1.5L and the combined fuel consumption in HEV mode is only 5.1L. Three new models, i.e. progressive model, elite model and prime model, were released with a sales price range of RMB 165,800-185,800 and the price after subsidy of RMB 129,800-149,800. Since it fully demonstrated the perfect balance between dynamic and economy, the industry insiders call the model the “top configuration” of Emgrand Cross series.


It was learnt that application has been filed for licensing the world leading CHS super “combined-engine” hybrid technology to be a national patent. It has complete proprietary intellectual property. As the first hybrid power system with single-module input and compound power split in the world, it fills the domestic technical blank of hybrid power technology of power split technology. Currently, the system intelligent computing and high precision control achieves scientific, efficient and perfect decoupling of the revolving speed and torque of the engine and double-motor, as well as compound power output, which allows the engine to work in the most economic operational range under all the operational conditions and guarantees high-quality driving and riding experience with super steady power source switchover. 

Moreover, plug-in hybrid vehicle is still the optimal solution to low-carbon travel of the Chinese. Relying on Geely’s powerful platform advantage of the sales of one million units, in addition to the free number plate acquisition policy in the cities with purchase restriction, such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, the model received frequent consultation and orders from the consumers in different locations during the presale period of September and October.


Wang Yanbin, General Manager of CHS Company, points out that under the pressure of double-point policy, automobile manufacturers have been faced with the pressure of fuel consumption and will definitely increase the denominator of enterprise average fuel consumption through promoting the production and sales of new-energy vehicles. Though the driving force of the policy to develop new-energy vehicles in China is very powerful, it is difficult for new-energy vehicles to go through the stage of plug-in hybrid vehicle rapidly. Hybrid electric vehicle, especially plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, will be the effective means to deal with the pressure of fuel consumption reduction in the next 20 years. On this industry development trend, hybrid electric vehicles will certainly undergo the tide of development. Emgrand Cross PHEV mounted with CHS plug-in hybrid assembly system was born at the right moment in this background. With its excellent performance and prominent performance of energy saving and environment protection, this model will definitely be sold like hot cakes.

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Chen Qingtai, president of China EV 100, also visited the booth of Geely. Wang Yanbin explicitly explained the technical features and operational mode of hybrid combination and hybrid assembly system of power split, especially the good balance of cost, efficiency and complexity. After knowing the characteristics of the new model, Chen Qingtai just spoke highly of Emgrand Cross PHEV.

Wang Yanbin indicates that hybrid market is set to soar, and the market release of the new model also means the further acceleration of CHS industrialization and scale development. In the future, CHS will share hybrid technology with more excellent automobile manufacturers and make contributions to the green travel of China and the growth and strengthening of autonomous automobile industry chain.

Some observer points out that the mass release of Emgrand Cross PHEV means that the component-supply system and quality control system corresponding to CHS system are further improved and it has officially reached the stage of industrialization acceleration. The mature supply chain system is the basis for production capacity increase and mass supply in later stage. CHS is transforming from a technical R&D company into the acceleration of industrialization and scale development.

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