CHS Synchronous Promotion of Production, Research and Technical Services has Achieved Substantial Progress Recently


Technology is also productive force. Since it enters the stage of comprehensive industrialization in 2016, CHS Company has transformed from product R&D into synchronous development of technical services and made substantial progress recently. 

On October 31, CHS Company and Wuxi Mingheng Hybrid Technology Co., Ltd (“Mingheng Company” is a joint venture created by CHS and Yunan Yunnei Power Group Co., Ltd) signed Technology License Agreement and Commissioned Development Contract. Through the technical output cooperation with Mingheng Company, CHS advantage of extensive hybrid technology will be reflected in the products to a greater extent. The fuel saving performance of the products will be significant in the future, which will greatly improve the sustainable profitability of the company and the competitiveness of the high-end products of CHS.

The technology license refers to the valuation result of the third-party asset appraisal company, and is at the one-off price of RMB 314,600,000. CHS Company has authorized Mingheng Company to use all the existing patents and non-patent proprietary technologies applicable to diesel engine, including HT3800 program. 

Meanwhile, the Commissioned Development Contract in the amount of RMB 35,400,000 stipulates that with the platform technical resources of hybrid assembly and talent advantage, CHS Company will be responsible for the accomplishment of the development of prototype A of HT3800 longitudinal hybrid transmission case (hereinafter referred to as “3800 program”), and assist Mingheng Company in accomplishing project test verification and industrialization through training the necessary technical talents of the project in technical training and technical guidance. The project will be in two stages:

The first stage will be led by CHS Company, which will participate in product design and calibration development of 3800 program;

The second stage will be led by Mingheng Company, which will accomplish various production preparations, off-tool prototype verification and start mass production.

Fu Yuwu, president of Society of Automotive Engineers of China places great expectations on CHS. He comments:

Energy saving and new-energy automobile industrialization is the focal point of the current automobile industry transformation and upgrade in the country. Hybrid technology is the main technical path to energy saving and emission reduction. He thinks that as a technical innovative enterprise, the joint-venture cooperation of Corun CHS and Yunnei Power Group is highly significant for the hybrid transmission development and industrialization in extensive diesel hybrid market.

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