National Engineering Center

National Engineering Center of Advanced Energy Storage Material (National Engineering Center), jointly established by the institutions of Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd, Central South University, Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd and Hunan Reshine New Material Co., Ltd with the approval of National Development and Reform Commission in November 2009, has gathered plenty of experts and scholars with the key figure Dr. Zhong Faping. It has two academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 distinguished professors of Yangtze River Scholar, and approximately 20 experts with national outstanding contribution. It is the sole national engineering center in the field of advanced energy storage technology and key energy storage material in the country, which represents the highest level of the engineering technology in advanced energy storage material field in China.

The National Engineering Center adopts the innovative operational mode of “one center with development in two locations; independent legal entity with corporate operations”. Based on the “National Engineering Center of Advanced Energy Storage Material” approved by National Development and Reform Commission, it has developed in Hunan and Shenzhen. The focus of Hunan is advanced energy storage material R&D, and the focus of Shenzhen is advanced energy storage technology R&D. Currently, the Center owns 123 patents, among which there are 77 patents for invention, 30 grants, 46 patents for utility models, and 37 issued patents.

​The major objective and mission of National Engineering Center are: For the strategic needs of national economy and the development of emerging industry, the Center will carry out the research, development and system integration of the key common preparation technology, process and equipment for materials of nickel battery series, lithium battery series, super capacity battery, fuel cell and new materials for conventional batteries, and speed up the engineering and industrialization of innovative achievements; build corresponding R&D, comprehensive test and engineering verification platform and industrialization base and continuously provide mature technology, products and equipment for the industry; participate in the preparation and improvement of relevant industry standards and rules; train high-level engineering and management talents, strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, provide technical consultation services for relevant enterprises, and promote the technological progress in relevant industries.

Scientific achievements

Scientific and technological innovation is the foundation for the development of Corun. Corun owns 532 proprietary core patents and 316 national patent grants, participates in the preparation of more than ten national, industry and local standards, and holds the technical R&D platform, engineering transformation ability and technical capacity that reach the international leading level.

532 proprietary intellectual property rights & core patent technologies

316 national patents

Corun/ undertakes and participates in the national major projects, including

  • Major specialized projects of national 863 plan

    National major new product plan

    National high-tech industrialization demonstrative program

    National technology innovation program

  • National Torch Plan

    National major technology transformation program (national debt program)

    Major specialized program of national high-tech industry development

  • National small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund

    Drafted Nickel Foam for Battery, the national standard of the People’s Republic of China (GB/t20251-2006)

  • National specialized program of major industry technology development (key clean manufacturing technology)

Qualifications and Honors

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