• Objective

    Based on CORUN transformation from battery and battery material industry to automobile and automobile core component industry, since the business transformation needs the transformation of team knowledge and thinking model, “automobile industry transformation promotion class” has been set up for the purpose of promoting the understanding of the core decision-making level of automobile and automobile core component industry. It will give specialized, systematic and universal industry knowledge training to the core decision-making level to speed up their familiarity with the industry, promote the ability of decision-making, and reach higher scientific level of decision-making.

  • Curriculum

    National policy/global industry development trend/technical orientation/basic industry knowledge…

  • Faculty

    Internal faculty: CHS c-suite, and experts of Nagoya Institute
    External faculty: Resources of shareholders, industry consultants, national departments and committees, and industry associations…

  • Trainees

    The members of Board of Directors and Supervisors of the Company, operational level of the Divisions, and department directors at headquarters, around 50 persons in total

  • Length of schooling

    The length of schooling is one year at the frequency of once/one day per month. There are 12 classes in total on weekends of the last week of every month.

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    “Operation workshop” has been set up, to focus on the strategy, get closer to the market, adapt to the new business fields and grow as soon as possible. The workshop selects the core projects in the annual company operation management as the research topics, normally carries out topic discussion and troubleshooting in the form of small group activities, and regularly undertakes topic discussion, topic progress information sharing, unified presentation and appraisal of topic defense with the platform of Corun College.

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    The curriculum is the select core operational issues in the annual company operations, which is topic solution-oriented.

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    The College provides the stage for the trainees to take the persons around them as the teacher and learn from each other.

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    The members of Board of Directors and Supervisors at headquarters, department directors and deputy directors at headquarters, and relevant personnel of the topics (around 5 persons/team) form the mixed topic teams. 

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    Length of schooling

    There will be 6 research topics during June 2017-December 2017. There be a liable person designated for each research topic, who will organize the topic discussion of the team members and present the research results.


The class will make full use of Corun’s cooperation experience with top customers including Toyota, Honda and Panasonic, horizontally reproduce the core ability developed in lean manufacturing to the staff, to accumulate management experience and form management characteristics.


The necessary lean tool and method curricula for grassroots management personnel of manufacturing enterprises will help to create the necessary tool and method list for the grassroots management personnel and form the structural curriculum system.


The selected excellent company faculty will be composed of internal faculty (main) and external faculty (auxiliary).


Proposed grassroots management personnel for manufacturing

Length of schooling:

As one of the qualifications of foreman/team leader, it will be held once every year on a regular basis in the form of unified training + examination certification + qualification certificate.


It aims to further diversify the talent training mode, and expand the teaching time and space of Corun College; integrate study in work with the themed seminars at school and solve the problems in learning; arrange the themed seminar for the trainees with similar dilemma and offer personalized teaching accordingly.


Personalized + characteristic curriculum of the schoolmaster


Zhong Faping, Honami Maruyama


School students of Faping School (5), school students of Honami School (5)

Length of schooling:

The length of schooling is 3 years with one school activity every month.

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